Going to Prison for Traffic Tickets

I have represented clients who were facing prison time because their driver’s license was suspended for unpaid traffic tickets. In one case my client was arrested for fleeing when he had to pick up his children from daycare and did not immediately pull over when the officer tried to stop him for a broken light. A single unpaid traffic tickets was the basis for the suspension. I explained that he simply needed to either pay the ticket or perform community service hours and he could get his license reinstated. He said if he had known that was all he was required to do, he would have done it sooner and never would have been arrested for fleeing.

Another client had several unpaid tickets. When he was caught driving, he was arrested and charged with driving on a suspended license. He went to court without an attorney. The judge told him to pay his tickets, get his license reinstated, and his criminal charges would be dropped. He did exactly as he was instructed; however, due to the number of tickets, his license was suspended a few weeks later for having too many points. If you simply pay the ticket, you are assessed points. If you have too many points in a short time period your license is suspended. He was pulled over for driving, the officers arrested him for driving on a suspended license, they searched his car, found a gun in the car, and he was facing three years in prison.

I have another client who hired me for three cases of driving on a suspended license. I filed motions to allow her to convert the fines assessed for her traffic tickets to community service. The judge also gave her a withhold of adjudication on some of her tickets so she will not have points assessed when she pays her fines. Now she can drive legally without fear of being arrested simply because she consulted an attorney to clear up her license.

Something as simple as a traffic ticket can have a big impact in one’s freedom if handled improperly. If in doubt about issues with your driver’s license or traffic tickets, please ask for help before it is too late. There is often a lot that can be done to get back on track before getting arrested.


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